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Anxiety Disorders Screening
Free Help Available for Anxiety Sufferers!

Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways, but many people say feeling tense and nervous disrupts their lives the most, followed by chronic worrying. Individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder experience a variety of symptoms that can include spontaneous panic attacks, endlessly checking and rechecking their actions, persistent and uncontrollable worry, and anxiety in social situations. Untreated anxiety disorders often can lead to substance abuse, depression and even suicide. To help individuals learn about anxiety disorders, their symptoms, and effective treatments, St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center participates in National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day, typically held on the first Wednesday in May. The screening includes viewing a video, completing a brief questionnaire, meeting with a mental health professional to review the questionnaire, and receiving information about various anxiety disorders and mental illnesses.

Please check back in April 2011 for more information on an upcoming Anxiety Disorder Screening.

Lifeskills for Parents
Helping children make wise choices

Parents, learn how to identify at-risk behaviors in your children, such as:

  • drug experimentation
  • violence
  • gang activity
  • depression

You will learn how to communicate in a non-judgemental manner and help influence your children to make wise choices in peer relationships and lifestyle. These workshops are provided upon request to community groups through schools, churches, and similar organizations.

For more information, please call:

For Drug Awareness
(209) 938-0831, Ext. 26

For General Safety, Depression, Violence Behaviors
(209) 938-0831, Ext. 24

Maintaining Lifeskills
After Care Programs

St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center offers After Care Programs to help graduates maintain their lifeskills training and apply learnings in their daily life. After Care programs are taught by our specially trained staff and participants may remain in the series for up to 52 weeks. Participants learn to reinforce the concepts of mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. After Care programs are available for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

For more information:

Mental Health
(209) 461-2000

Substance Abuse
(209) 938-0831, Ext. 26

For details on our 12 Step Program Support Groups, click here.

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