Outpatient Services - Partial Hospital Program, Intensive Outpatient Program for adults (IOP), Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents (AIOP), Weekly DBT Groups, Individual, marriage and family therapy

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Outpatient Services

St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center has an extensive continuum of care for mental and emotional issues to promote healing and increase interpersonal skills for all ages. We offer free behavioral evaluations to determine the level of care appropriate for your needs.

Outpatient services include:

Partial Hospitalization Program - A two-week day-program providing comprehensive treatment for mental and emotional issues. 

Intensive Outpatient Program for adults - Individual and group psychotherapy to decrease the need for hospitalization.

Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents - Individual and group psychotherapy for children ages 5 and up.

Chemical Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program for adults – An intensive (3 hrs a day, 3 days a week) program to enhance skills learning and use into daily living.

Chemical Recovery Intensive Outpatient program for adolescents - An intensive (3 hrs a day, 3 days a week) program to enhance skills learning and use into daily living for adolescent’s ages 13-17 that struggle with chemical dependency issues.

Weekly Group Therapy - Lifeskills training to reduce destructive behavior and improve self esteem and feelings of joy.

Individual Marriage and Family Therapy - One-on-one sessions available for all ages.

St. Joseph's Behavioral Health has a separate Outpatient Center located in University Park at 510 E. Magnolia St. in Stockton.

For more information on St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center's outpatient services, call (209) 938-0831 or (209) 461-2000.

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